So, here’s a little about me….

My name is Jules and I am mother of two.

I follow so many other blogs & have truly become a little “obsessed” with some of them. They’ve become my “blog” friends. I talk about them like I know them. I try others recipes. I try their exercises. I share what I learn with others. Well, I decided to give it a try & hope that I too find some new “blog” friends to follow me & learn from me. I love to share when I try a new recipe that is so YUM! When I find a bargain. When my kids do something absolutely hilarious & can’t help but share. Heck, I can’t post on Facebook anything funny about them because it’ll eventually get back to them. However, I can share here, as I’m sure that the little guys won’t be interested in this stuff.

I certainly have not always been the picture of health. I never had an issue as a kid, but must say that when I went to college, I had my fair share of beer, pizza, Ramen noodles, etc. I remember when I came home for break my sophomore year & my mom said (very gently) to me, you may want to watch what you eat. Well, that stuck with me & I realized how “mushy” I had become. I tried a couple of aerobics classes, went to a gym a couple times, would go for a little walk, but never really found any type of exercise that worked for me. Eventually after graduation I found a love for rollerblading. I roller bladed for not only entertainment and exercise, but also for transportation when I was living in the city. I think I was 30 when my best friend said to me, let’s run a 5k. I don’t recall running the 5k, but that got me going ( a little ). Shortly thereafter, I met my soon to be husband, B. He had been a runner for years. I didn’t understand his passion for running. He ran in the rain, snow, heat, he didn’t care, he ran & ran & ran. With his encouragement, I soon started running. It took me a while to become as passionate as he was, but eventually I was & now that’s my drug of choice! I LOVE to run. I am not a winter outdoor runner, however. I’m not nearly as tough as B, I’m a treadmill in the winter runner. That’s when I catch up on movies I haven’t seen, or tv’s shows I don’t have time to watch.

I work with adults with special needs & feel so fortunate to have them in my life. They’ve taught me & my family so much about love, caring, being grateful, etc. It’s been a true gift!
I have 2 older step-daughters, 1 is a senior in college & 1 is studying in Israel. I have 2 little guys, 8 & 10 who constantly keep me on my toes. They’re very different than the girls. My mom used to say to me, I don’t know what to do with boys ( I have 3 sisters). Well, I didn’t either, but boy am I learning. Learning about dirt, bugs (we collected cicadas one summer), video games, sports, dirt, bugs, dirt, bugs, dirt & snakes!!! My little guy was “obsessed” with snakes for a while, so we visited pet stores, looked up snakes online, read books about snakes. Like anything else, I thought it was a fad that would go away. But, in true Truman nature, it didn’t go away-he needed a snake & I had to like them (because B doesn’t). So, we got a ball python last year. I now love the snake, find him fascinating! Thank goodness because “Fireball” will be part of our family for a very long time! Not only do we have Fireball our snake, we have 2 Russian tortoises, a guinea pig, and a dog! Indeed we have a lot of pets, all very different & all wonderful! We have a mini petting zoo!

This is a brief window into me & my family! I’m hoping to share my journey with you to help you embark on a healthy lifestyle, as I try enjoy. Certainly not perfect by any means, but I do my best. When I eat right & exercise, life is simply better all around!!! I’m a 44 yr old runner. I call myself middle aged! There are a lot of perfectly fit, healthy young runners/bloggers out there & I’m here to let you know that us “middle aged” gals can do it too! So, the journey begins!!!!!!!!

Thanks for joining me ☺.