Checking In From Arizona

Hi All,

I wanted to post a brief hello from Arizona where it’s spectacular. I’m here visiting my aunt. I’m here with my aunt & cousin & having a girls visit. It’s very different to without my kids. It’s lots of girl time & not worrying about those little guys. I had the greatest run yesterday. OMG- I ran a spectacular 5 miles among the beautiful mountains in 72 temp. with very minimal sun & no humidity. Can I tell you that I could have run forever, but needed to get home to begin our day. *Of course something is wrong with my pics, they’re not uploading, so I’ll have to share those later.

As you know, I’ve been on The 30 Clean for a couple weeks now & while away, I must say that it’s more challenging, but it’s still doable. I packed my own food for the airport. I’ve ordered very carefully while out & have brought some “clean” foods with me to make sure that I’ve got something & am not tempted to stray. While, I haven’t been perfect, I’ve still kept it mostly clean. You can too.

Today is a morning of kayaking. Hoping I’m able to upload my pics to be able to share with you ,as I’m sure the scenery is going to be spectacular. We’re going for a 4 hour kayak adventure on the Salt River. Wanted to do stand up paddle boarding, but they didn’t have an instructor available. That would have been amazing!

Hope youre day is fantastic as well. I’ll re-post again with more…..