Summertime happenings

I’ve taken off the past couple days to spend some time extra time with my boys. We’ve been doing lots of bike riding & simply enjoying summer. It’s so much fun now that the boys are a little older. They have so much more stamina & we can ride for longer stretches at a time! We all stopped for a treat! The boys wanted to go to Whole Foods to get a sandwich (T got grilled cheese & Stone got avacado, jalepeno, spinach, onion, cheddar sandwich) & I got an almond milk latte from Peet’s! We were all very happy when we took a little break from our riding excursion!

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I’m not much of a cross trainer in the summer, but as I’ve been struggling with running, riding a little has felt good on my legs. I ran 4 miles prior to our 9 mile + ride. We’ll see how I feel today, as I set out to run 6 or 7 miles before going to a water park (if it doesn’t rain).


I need to go back to work on Thursday, but we’ll be going away for a few days next week, so we’ll have more fun then!

   Summertime happenings

I think I figured why I simply don’t have enough fuel in my tank when running. It can’t be the way I’m eating because I’m getting lots of carbs to keep my body going. I’ve been enjoying lots of sweet potatoes & parsnip fries, along with almond butter (made my own) & bananas. So that’s enough carbs to fuel with the night before & morning before a long run. However, I believe I’ve been a little depleted of electrolytes! I haven’t been consuming any Cocogo or Nuun, which used to give me the electrolytes needed to keep me going. So, I took the advice of The 30 Clean team to put a little sea salt & lemon in my water. I’m still not sure that I’m getting enough, as I just haven’t been taking the time to juice the lemons throughout the day, but will continue to try to get some more in & hope that it will make a difference & give me a little reserve to keep my runs feeling strong. I’ll keep you posted.

   Summertime happenings

As far as The 30 Clean…

I can’t even tell you how great I’m feeling. I’ve definitely been struggling with my energy levels on & off. Mostly it was an issue in the beginning. However, I feel so much less bloated & am really loving all of the foods I’ve been consuming the past 3 weeks. I only have less than a week to go until the 30 days are up.

 Summertime happenings

What does that mean for my future? Well, I have to tell you that 3 complete meals / day with minimal snacking (1x/day) on long running days has been easier than I ever thought. I am truly not hungry! I’m eating the right foods & am satisfied. I do miss popcorn, and am sure I’ll have some shortly after it’s over.   However, I don’t miss embibing on sweets, which is MAJOR for me. I’ve taken my kids for ice cream & haven’t even been interested (not even a taste for me). Not sure how long that’ll last, but I truly don’t have an interest right now. I’m still struggling with the coffee thing. I don’t crave it, I don’t need it, but sometimes I just like it. I haven’t found a way to really enjoy it other than an almond latte from Peet’s (thanks to a fellow 30 Clean”er”). I had no idea Peets had almond milk = score! I did order some coconut butter, so I’ll give that a try to see if that’ll do the trick for me. The only thing that I’ve been struggling with is my protein intake! I try hard getting my protein without eating too many nuts or beans. Some days are good for me & others are difficult. I have had some fish, but not daily, and have been trying to be creative in finding ways to get enough protein. Eggs have been doing the trick on days I’m not eating beans or nuts). I am LOVING the 3 ingredient panacakes I’ve been making often: banana, almond meal & egg with a splash of cinnamon. They’re amazing!

   Summertime happenings

My family enjoys some of the meals I’ve been making & pass on some. I haven’t convinced Benji to jump on board. I do think he’d enjoy it if he did it, but haven’t convinced him (yet)!


Do you have any interest? There are so many great things I can tell you about it if you want to hear. Just let me know. I know it seems so overwhelming & hard, but it seriously is NOT! I think doing the vegetarian is much harder than the meat version, as I have loads more prep & creativity when meal planning. However, it’s worth it & seriously doable.

   Summertime happenings

Ok, I’m done with my soapbox! Better check on my boys, they’re somewhere in the arcade.   Gotta go see how many tickets they’ve gotten thus far.



  1. So glad that you and your boys have been enjoying some extra time together – that has been one of my focuses this summer, too!! Enjoy the water park!
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