REM-Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep Review

REM-Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep

logo1 REM Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep  Review

As a FitFluential ambassador,  I was contacted by REM-Fit to see if I’d be interested in reviewing REM-Fit, a Protect-A-Bed product developed specifically for consumers, like me & you; people with an active, healthy lifestyle.

I was sent the following products to review:

· REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow
· REM-Fit Energize Smooth Mattress Protector
· REM-Fit Energize Smooth Pillow Protector

Remfit Rest Adjustable Pillow ImageC L 300x300 REM Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep  Review                                                        Remfit Motivate MP ImageA O REM Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep  Review

All of the REM-Fit products are designed to help active people by providing better sleep as a result, as well as helping your fitness and overall health.

1. The REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System is designed to help those who embrace an active, healthy lifestyle by providing a rejuvenating sleep environment. REM-Fit is a lifestyle, which stands for Rest, Energize and Motivate (love this mantra).
2. Exercise and Rest are necessary for mental and physical balance, and are key components of a healthy lifestyle.
3. Sleep is essential to help Energize the body for the physical requirements of today’s active lifestyle.
4. A restful night’s sleep helps the body recover and Motivates athletes to push their physical limits the next day.
5. The REM-Fit pillow and bedding and pillow protection products include features like Tencel®, which aids in thermo-regulation, wicks away moisture, is hypoallergenic, has antibacterial properties and provides a soft, silky-smooth sleep zone for those with sensitive skin. Another feature is Miracle Membrane®, which maintains mattress hygiene for more restful sleep.

With all of these promises, of course I wanted to do a review on these products.  Let me tell you that they all are soft & silky-smooth as they claim.  I believe in their Rest, Energize and Motivate motto.  I have never understood those people who actually function on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night.  I’m a firm believer that nothing works well if you don’t get proper sleep.  Well, I’ve been sleeping with my REM-Fit products for a couple weeks now & they are certainly cozy.  Do I feel Rested?  Yes, I do.  Do I feel Energized, sure!  Am I Motivated?  Well, of course, it’s marathon season.  I’m traditionally a great sleeper unless someone in my family is ill.  I work my body & mind pretty hard on a daily basis, so when it’s bedtime, I crash!  Since using the REM-Fit products, I’ve been sleeping well.  Is it because of the products?  Well, I’m unsure to be honest.  However, I will tell you that they feel great on my bed.  I love the pillow, and so does Benji.  They make our bed cozier.  But, as far as making me feel the REM, I’m not so sure any of that has changed for me.  Now, maybe it would for someone who doesn’t sleep well, isn’t energized or motivated.  I’d like to see what they have to say.

Remfit Motivate MP ImageB L 300x300 REM Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep  Review

logo1 REM Fit: Mind, Body and Sleep  Review

These opinions are honest & my own.  I received product in compensation for my honest review.



  1. Oh – I need to check into that product because I’m one of those people who rarely gets 5 hours of sleep in a night and it’s never straight through – I wake up a lot and have plenty of sleep issues.
    Kim recently posted…Door-to-Door Sales or Scams?My Profile

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