RedEnvelope #redGift: Thank You Rock Project

I received a lovely note from someone from the RedEnvelope thank you rock project.  The project is about showing appreciation for those that matter to you most, even during our busy lives.  I posted a few weeks ago thanking you for your support & again, I want to do just that!  As you know, life gets busy.  I say often, “life gets in the way”.  Simply meaning that there are so many things happening in our daily lives that makes it difficult for us to do more.  Lately, I feel that way.  I’ve been so darn busy at work.  I absolutely LOVE my work.  I work with adults with developmental &/or intellectual disabilities & I can’t even begin to tell you how much I get from them.  Those that say I give a lot simply don’t know.  Anyway, I’ve had more stress this past month there than I ever recall having EVER in all my 19 years of working there.  In the meantime, I’ve had a difficult time finding time to catch up blog lately, as you’ve noticed if you’re an avid reader.  However, I must tell you that I ran (literally) into a reader the other day who told me how insiring I was to her.  While, I must tell you that I simply share my running/exercising journey & recipes (I am a lover of food), it sure is motivational & inspiring to me to hear that news.  So, my friends, it makes me want to keep sharing with all of you.  THANK YOU for your encouragement.  I must say that again, you give me loads & I’m grateful for your support.  However virtual our friendship is, I”m truly grateful for you to assist me in keeping this blog going!  Thank You.

 RedEnvelope  #redGift: Thank You Rock Project

On another note.  I say all the time that I run for my peace of mind.  Those who are not runners don’t understand that statement.  So many people say that it’s cheaper than therapy, it’s better than drugs, well, for me; it’s all that and then some!  I’ve never done ANYTHING that has given me the same rush as a great run.  Do you know what I mean?  So, why do I run?  I run to be a better person, to take care of my mental & physical self & to try to be a good mom, spouse & friend.  It keeps me going.  I’m able to run because my family supports me in this journey.  They are truly “my rocks”.  My husband introduced me to the love of running.  I thought he was crazy for never missing a run, as I didn’t understand that passion so long ago & I am thrilled that I hopped on board because if I didn’t run, I don’t know what I’d be like……   My kids allow me the time to run & are even sometimes encouraging.  I think they do see that I have a need & however, they may not understand it, they are supportive (they get more computer time/tv time when I’m out running).  In the meantime,  I truly wouldn’t be able to fulfil my “needs of running” if it weren’t for my family.

 RedEnvelope  #redGift: Thank You Rock Project

As I continue to babble, and I appreciate you sticking with me, I hope that you too have “Rocks” in your life & wonderful people/reasons in which your thankful.

 RedEnvelope  #redGift: Thank You Rock Project

A special man I know says often, they are my reasons for reason.  I used to read it over & over again, but now I get it!  That’s my family.  Along with my traditional family, it’s my work family as well.


 RedEnvelope  #redGift: Thank You Rock Project            RedEnvelope  #redGift: Thank You Rock Project

Who are your rocks?


  1. Love this post. There must be something in the career sir because these past few weeks for me have been VERY trying. But my fiancé, my son, my sister, and family are my rocks. Amazing and beautiful, all of them.
    Jess@ Flying Feet in Faith recently posted…Friday Five Link Up. 5 (Fitness) Favorites!My Profile

  2. I agree: my rocks here are my family. I hope things have settled for you. The Caveman was a runner here before I. It was fun to go spectate his races. Now that tables have turned. Haha!
    Marcia Kadens recently posted…Are You Holding Yourself Back?My Profile

    • Same here Marcia. My husband used to be the one running marathons & I loved spectating. Difference is that he does come to see the marathon when I run, but not so sure he enjoys it as much as I did as a spectator!

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