The 30 Clean update & giveaway!

 The 30 Clean update & giveaway!

Yesterday was day 1 for me of The 30 Clean.  I have to tell you that while I was having a very stressful day at work, I was thinking of going home to have a glass of wine.  But, that did not happen.  Instead I prepared my dinner & was so happy that I stuck to day 1 as outlined!  Here’s what I ate yesterday ( I promise I won’t do this daily):

IMG 6626 300x300 The 30 Clean update & giveaway!

Although it took me loads of time for all of the prep for the 1st 3 days of The 30 Clean, it was worth it!  Breakfast was blueberry chia pudding.  While it was quite tasty & did the trick until noon, it wasn’t my favorite thing for breakfast.  Lunch was a Costa Rican Inspired Cabbage salad=delicious!  Dinner was zucchini noodles & balsamic marinated tomatoes with almonds = another home run!  Absolutely delicious!  These meals were all quick & easy to prepare & didn’t require any cooking.  I think this is really going to be doable!

My mantra for the next 29 days will be 1 day at a time!

I wasn’t very clear with information regarding The 30 Clean, so let me share a little with you now.  Clean eating is eating simply.
That means fresh, whole, natural and non-processed foods free from hormones, chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.  No grains, No dairy, No sugar, No soy, No gluten!  You may think, what’s left… Well, my friends, whole foods are left & those are the foods that are really so good for you.  I’ll continue to keep you posted along my journey.  I’m doing this b/c I’ve fallen into some bad habits (such as coming home to snack or have a glass of wine).  This may be a challenge to do with my family, but honestly, I typically prepare foods differently than them anyhow.  They’re carnivores & I’m certainly NOT!  So, here’s to new challenges & feeling great & clean!

I also want all of you to have the opportunity to enter the giveaway below from EveryMove, as there are oodles of awesome prizes!

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Do you try to eat clean or do you think it’s too difficult?


  1. Deborah says:

    I don’t know what the prizes are, but I think it’s great that you are doing the 30 Clean!

    I used to have the biggest sweet tooth in the world, but gave up sugar for fear of developing type 2 diabetes years ago. I’ve been testing my blood sugars every once in a while, and it’s true that being thin doesn’t mean you aren’t abusing your body with repeated sugar spikes. Yikes!
    I eat very few processed foods (Lara bar here and there). No added sugars. I did bring home some raw milk and raw milk kefir grains from my last visit to SE Wisconsin last month and have been making homemade kefir with local Amish raw organic milk since.

    Good luck with your 30 Day (+!)

    • Deborah says:

      I left out my main point! If I was able to give up junk food, anyone can! :)

    • Wow- You are impressive Deborah! Good for you. I am with you about the sugar thing. I’ve gone through different phases in time where I’ve given up sugar b/c I’ve consumed too much & felt 100% better. Besides this challenge, I do believe in moderation NOT extinction to be honest. That way you don’t crave & go crazy! Thus far day 2 was a success!
      Ok, you made your own kefir? That’s unbelievable. I thought making my own kombucha was impressive- NOT!

  2. Kudos to you for taking this on! Looks awesome and I’ll be following your progress. How many calories are you allotted per day?

    • Thanks Marcia.
      It’s not at all about calories, so honestly I have no idea. Thank goodness b/c I fixate when I’m limited to specific details that way.
      They stress protein along with good healthy fats to keep you content throughout the day. Thus far, it’s working!

  3. I definitely feel better when it eat ‘clean’. But it can be expensive. And it does take time to prep and meal plan. I think this is the reason the average American does not eat clean. I really like blueberries though! Would you share the blueberry pudding recipe?? :-) you may have inspired me to a clean challenge! But not sure I could go without gluten… Not the gluten!!
    Jess@ Flying Feet in Faith recently posted…Tips & Tricks Tuesday: H20 to Go and Switching Plan GearsMy Profile

    • Hi Jess, it definitely is time consuming & probably more expensive. But definitely worth it in the long run! The link for the blueberry chia pudding is on my pinterest page, but below is the link.
      Seriously, there are so many gluten free things now. It really does make it easy! REALLY! However, I’m only day 2, let’s see if I feel the same way at day 28 :). I’ll let you know.

  4. Krysten says:

    Maybe the clean bottle; that looks cool :)

  5. 30 Clean Bottle would be great and very useful for me!

  6. Good for you for sticking to your commitment! I have all but given up processed foods and the difference in the way I feel is amazing. Not sure what the prizes are but they’ll be helpful in my healthy lifestyle, count me in!

  7. I would be grateful for any of the gifts. Thank you for the opportunity.

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