Winners Winners & a new workout dvd: MASH UP (giveaway)!

I was sent this logo Winners Winners & a new workout dvd: MASH UP (giveaway)! DVD to preview.

The DVD workouts are great to do 2-3 times a week for 15-45 min. depending your preference and then continuing to do your favorite activity etc. on the alternate days. They also emphasize that 80% of body composition is a result of nutrition.  I love all of this & was so intrigued to give it a try!  There are 7 different segments, 15 minutes each.  I did 3 segments one day & then on subsequent days I did 1-2 segments.  I have to tell you that I was a little annoyed by the instructions, as they had 3 different levels for the exercisers to do & I chose to follow the middle & advanced people.  The issue I had was that they showed the pregnant lady, which was the “modified/easy” one first & I couldn’t see how to do the middle or advanced until after the exercises began.  It was a little frustrating for me, HOWEVER, there were several exercises that I’ve never done before.  I love learning new moves.  For 2 days after doing the 3 segments at a time, I was waddling around.  I love that soreness when you’ve worked muscles that you haven’t worked before & the pain is so good!  Do you know what I mean?  I like the concept of 5,5,5, how they have the dvd broken down: Mind/body, agility & strength, high intensity intervals.  It’s really a powerful 15 minutes & does just the right thing for quick workouts when you don’t have enough time to get in a full workout!
Here’s more information from the website:

MASH UP Gets Results

MASH Up Conditioning is 5-6x more effective than your average low to moderate intensity workout. It combines Mind Body to prevent injury and provide core strength, Agility and Strength to strengthen muscles and increase your metabolism up to 48 hours post workout as your body rebuilds and repairs fatigued muscles. Lastly, MASH Up Conditioning includes High Intensity Intervals which stimulate production of human growth hormone (HGH) by almost 450% during the first 24 hours after your workout. HGH not only promotes fat loss but also provides anti-aging effects, contributing to vigor and optimal wellness. If you want to change your body you need the MASH Up Conditioning method to get you there!


IMG 6056 300x225 Winners Winners & a new workout dvd: MASH UP (giveaway)!


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  1. Sounds like a great DVD with variety. I like that!
    Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More recently posted…Sunday SocialMy Profile

  2. My favorite DVD for years now is Pilates for Dummies. Ha!
    Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More recently posted…Sunday SocialMy Profile

  3. Maryalicia Verdecchia says:

    I used to loove Debbie Austin. I don’t really have one right now- I had been thinking of those kill yourself crunches ones, but these sound much better :)

    As for what I do know. just cross training

  4. I actually don’t have any workout DVDs (gasp!), but I would love to start working out from home and this looks like the perfect one to get be going!

  5. I love trying new moves! You need to mix it up so you don’t get bored. I love that they have a you tube channel!
    Mary recently posted…Turning negatives into positivesMy Profile

  6. I love to try new workout DVDs!!!
    Kim recently posted…Off my Game a Bit but Totally Nailed my Step Goal!!!My Profile

  7. I don’t know if I have one favorite – Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat are probably really high on my list!
    Kim recently posted…Off my Game a Bit but Totally Nailed my Step Goal!!!My Profile

  8. Sounds like a really awesome DVD. I’m always looking for ways to combine my strength and cardio and this sounds like a nice mix.
    Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles recently posted…Catching ExcellenceMy Profile

  9. Sounds like a great DVD!

  10. I want to try the MASH UP conditioning dvd because I definitely need to add workouts like this, instead of mainly running, which I do now.

  11. I typically do Blogilates!

  12. I want to because I need choices to add to my running! and a 15 minute workout is perfect to add onto running.
    Jen recently posted…Focusing on the PositiveMy Profile

  13. Jillian Michaels dads are pretty awesome!
    Jen recently posted…Focusing on the PositiveMy Profile

  14. I dont use videos but I would love to try one. I’m stuck inside with the snow and ice and I think this would be a nice change from running!

  15. I would love to try MASH up! I use workout videos a lot, especially when it is too cold to go out running. My favorites are P90X3 and Zumba!
    Lindsay M. recently posted…Hot Choloate 15k/5k Race Recap!My Profile

  16. I would love to win a new work out DVD. I have been trying to cross train to help with my weight loss and running ability at least twice a week and would love to try something new.

  17. A few girls and I have been doing the biggest looser and zumba on the Wii after work. They are both okay but I feel that my upper body doesn’t get the workout it needs.

  18. I love running the most, but find it to be hard to get in this time of year (my treadmill just died). At first, I baulked at my boyfriend suggestions of tabata and indoor workouts. Now, however, they are the majority of my workouts and I love the variety and the challenge!.

    Is it spring yet? =)
    Erin from Long Island recently posted…Welcome to the DEAD DRUNK series!My Profile

    • Erin,
      That’s what happened to me! So, I joined a gym. I do have great videos & love doing them b/c running is so 1 dimensional. They are a much better whole body wokrout, esp. Tabata! However, I only get a huge “high” from running! If you watch a good movie / show, it passes time on a treadmill. BUT, nothing like running outside!

  19. I need something to inspire me to do some kind of cross-training.

  20. Once in a great while, I will do ancient step aerobics videos. Need some new choices.

  21. I want to try the Mashup DVD because I’m not doing a great job of cross-training these days, and this sounds like a great workout!

  22. I don’t use any workout dvds currently~

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