Friday 5

I should probably make this the Friday 1 because I’m so excited about #1.  Here are 5 things that are making me happy right now!

#1.  Congratulations 2014 DetermiNation Mentors!

   Friday 5

I was selected to be a Team DetermiNation Mentor for the Bank Of America Chicago Marathon 2014!  I ran fro Team DetermiNation in 2010 in memory of both of my parents.  It was so special to me to do that for them.  Each year, I do something in their memory.  This year, I’m delighted to have been chosen to be a mentor to many others who need my “coaching” to be a member of the team.  This way, I can help so many others.  It is a big commitment, and I’m so honored to be part of this team!  I’ll keep you abreast of  my progress in this new venture!


#2.  My boys are healthy!  They were ill on Monday & Tuesday, but are 100% now!  Phew,  it’s terrible when they’re ill!  Actually, one nice thing is that they’re mellow & cuddly!  But, truthfully, it’s better to have them all healthy & full of life!

 Friday 5


#3.  Speaking of health, I just tonight found out that a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer!  Interesting that my #1 today was Team DetermiNation.  I had started writing my post & then got this phone call!  Of course, that’s not one of the 5 things  I’m happy about today, however, I must tell you that she has an amazing attitude & is a powerhouse of  strength.  With her spirit & all of her support, I know she’ll land on the other side of this & be better than ever!  None the less, it’s so scary!  She’s open & ready for her new journey & is accepting support, which I believe makes everything better!  She is strong, has a sense of humor & is ready!  She is and will continue to be a champion!



#4.  LOVE my new Carnelian Lotus Bracelet from Silver & Sage jewelry!  They sent me this  IMG 6055 225x300 Friday 5  Carnelian is the stone of vitality. Something you need while running large races.  The lotus is a symbol of transformation. After reading how I came to be a runner they just felt it was perfect for me!  I absolutely love it!  It’s so sweet & feminine!  I loved it so much, that I bought Samantha one for her birthday.  I got her this  B945 medium Friday 5 .  This is the lava rock, pyrite & turquoise om bracelet.  Here’s what it means: lava is a stone of strength and clarity, lava rock provides guidance when one is faced with difficult situations. This porous stone is also exceptionally grounding, reducing stress during times of change or transition. Furthermore, it can help to strengthen one’s connection with the natural world.  pyrite is also known as the stone of health, Pyrite contains both fire and earth energies, helping one to balance the root chakra. It is said to protect one both emotionally and physically, and helps to boost self-confidence. It is a wonderful stone for use in meditation as it is said to remove negativity, helping one to concentrate. Pyrite also increases stamina, stimulates the mind, and can help to ease depression symptoms.  I chose this for Sam because I think it’s so pretty, but also because she just graduated college & started a new job on MONDAY!  This will give her confidence for her new journey in which she is embarking!


As I told you, this   Week1 Move Final 233x300 Friday 5  is one of the challenges I’m embarking on this month.  So far, I’m off to a great start!

Day 1- I ran, Day 2-I shoveled, Day 4-I planked, Day 4- I ran on the treadmill at the gym, but I did my burpees with Nemo :), Day 5- Today, I’m sleeping in until 5:30 & not waking at 4:35!  That’s good for the body too you know!


Have an awesome weekend & stay healthy!


  1. Congrats and good luck with your marathon! Prayers for your friend that she can beat the cancer. I believe having a positive attitude helps :)

  2. So sorry about your friend – glad she has a positive attitude!!!
    Glad your boys are healthy again – I hate when my boys are sick!!!
    Kim recently posted…Someone Stole My IdentityMy Profile

  3. I am right with you on the shoveling! I go one direction, then the other to make sure I am working balanced and each side the same. It’s a great oblique workout!

    Sorry about your friend, best wishes for her to come through!
    Melissa recently posted…My Open Letter to Rachel from The Biggest LoserMy Profile

  4. What a week! What a wonderful thing for you to do to honor your parent’s names every year! So glad your children are feeling better! I am sorry to hear about your friend, I will be praying for them!
    Heather @floridafitnessmom recently posted…Motivate Me Monday: 2/10My Profile

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