I wanted to share some exciting news with you about Handful. If you’re not yet aware of this amazing company, I”m so glad to be the one to share this with you.

Handful makes the softest, most comfortable bras for women by women & have just moved their company to the U.S. I love that they get what it’s all about to wear a bra. They sent me one to test out back in January & I have to tell you that it’s definitely the most comfortable ,softest bra I own. Here’s some more information about the company!

Our bras make you happy. Happy because they fit just right and feel great whatever you’re doing, leaving you with two less things to worry about.

We’re not about engineering a bra that will shave five seconds off your PR, just like our main goal isn’t creating a lacy number for gettin’ lucky (although if you manage to do either or both in our bras, good for you, sister!). We make bras that make you happy. Happy because they fit just right and feel great no matter what you’re doing. Happy because the woman who designed them thought of all the details, leaving you with one – make that two – less things to worry about. And happy because, by buying a Handful, you bought a lifetime membership to our sisterhood of sass.

Welcome to the Girl’s Club. This brand is about more than bras, more than girls, more than the “girls” inside the bra. This brand is about Us, the bigger, plural, life-is-better-together Us. Handful recognizes that as unique and wonderful as we all are as individuals, where would we be without support, encouragement and love. As we build our brand, we build our pack. Consider yourself hugged.

Handful was started by fitness enthusiast, Jennifer Ferguson, in Portland, Oregon. Positive energy has fueled her 22 -year career as a group exercise instructor, teaching cycling, strength, dance, step, aqua, kick-boxing, rock climbing, yoga, and running. Jennifer has also competed in numerous endurance events such as the Boston Marathon.

After years spent searching in vain for a good sports bra, Jennifer decided to channel her frustration creatively. She designed and manufactured what she (and a lot of other female athletes) had been waiting for…that one sports bra that does it all! It has become much more than a sports bra for its admirers. The Handful is an everyday bra that takes you from workout to weekend, looking great by itself or fantastic as a layering piece underneath.

We are proud to be an approved mastectomy bra, supporting breast cancer survivors during treatment and their return to good health and fitness. (Personally, I may love this the most about the company!)

Here’s more information about their campaign that’s going on right now: