Friday 5 & Hyland’s winner!

IMG 7093 225x300 Friday 5 & Hylands winner!


I’m LOVING honey crisp apples!!!!!!!!!!

IMG 7112 225x300 Friday 5 & Hylands winner!


For about a year, Truman has been asking for a panini press, so I finally gave in.  With some kitchen appliances, I’m very aware that they’re a “passing fancy” & we use them for a little while, and then they get “lost” somewhere.  For now, the panini press is being used a LOT around here.  The boys are loving it!  Not sure how long this love will last, but for now, it’s fun!



IMG 7131 225x300 Friday 5 & Hylands winner!


Last Sunday we attended a very special wedding & had a great time!  We haven’t been to a wedding in a long time & it’s always fun to see  young people in love begin their new journey together.



IMG 7148 225x300 Friday 5 & Hylands winner!



I know I told you I’ve been enjoying making my own almond milk.  Well friends, I still am.  I found a place to get get the most delicious vanilla beans & they really do the trick!  Nothing better than a delicious vanilla bean.  It beats vanilla extract anytime!  Making my own almond milk may not be cheaper than purchasing from a grocery, but it certainly is much better!


 Friday 5 & Hylands winner!


Monopoly is definitely the game of choice in our house.  However, we’ve been enjoying playing this quick card version lately. When I was growing up, we used to call ourselves the Milton Bradley family & now, I think that my children may soon be calling themselves the same.

Erica Agran, you won the Stress Free, Active Basket from Hyland’s!!!  They’ll be shipping it to you shortly!

Have a great weekend.


Hyland’s 2014 Stress Challenge!

Can I tell you that this stress challenge couldn’t come at a better time?  OMG- yesterday a.m. was an absolute stress fest in my house.  UGG- I absolutely hate starting the day that way.  Well, let me begin by telling you that I didn’t run this a.m. (stressor) & my “soon to be” teenager, well, enough said (stressor).  The day certainly got better with time, but it’s horrible to start your day with stress!  UGGG, hate it!

I was a little behind in posting about this stress challenge & want to make sure you all know about it if you want to participate!

logo Hylands 2014 Stress Challenge!

Hyland’s Homeopathy, maker of homeopathic medicines for all members of the family.  Hyland’s is launching a Hyland’s Stress Challenge via their website & social media channels!  The hope is that this challenge & the information provided helps get people living healthier, stress-free lives!  Don’t we all need this?!?!?

Hylan’ds 5-Day Stress Challenge is free, aims at sharing strategies that will help participants find their way to ZEN, naturally!

To register for the Hyland’s 5-Day Sleep Challenge on FB enter here:

For a chance to win a Hyland’s Gift Basket, answer 1 or both of the following questions:

How do you stress less?  &/OR What stresses you out?

If you answer 1 or both ?’s today, you’ll have a chance to be chosen randomly by the end of the day to win “The Active Basket” by Hyland’s.

HY037A NETO S Hylands 2014 Stress Challenge!

To learn more about the Hyland’s Stress Challenge click here.  The first 1,000 people to sign up for the challenge today will receive a free, 32ct. Hyland’s Nerve Tonic to be sent to you prior to the launch of The Challenge.

Monday, September 29th – Friday, October 3rd: Each day on the Hyland’s FB page, will feature daily challenges and content relating to a specific topic that promotes natural solutions for managing and encourage healthy strategies to help manage stress.

At the end of feach day, participants will answer a question for a chance to win a Hyland’s Stress Less Duo, whci includes a full-size Hyland’s Calms Forte and Hyland’s Nerve Tonic.

Ten winners will be chosen at random each day.

Saturday, October 4th: participants will have a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE basket chock-full of anti-stress products from Hyland’s and other amazing partner brands AND $100 Spafinder gift card by answering a brief, five question survey to help Hyland’s better understand your experience with The Challenge.

Doesn’t all of this sound wonderful?  Prizes & less stress.  I’m IN!  Are you?

*Don’t forget to sign up for the challenge & leave me a comment today for your chance to win prizes & stress less!


Skoop – “because great nutrition is an inalienable right”-Check it out!

skoop logo 1 Skoop   because great nutrition is an inalienable right Check it out!

B-Strong is a plant-based protein powder that promotes a three-stage process for manufacturing strong, lean muscles and all-over health. B-Strong is designed to help your body absorb nutrients, build muscle and recover quickly.

Unlike most protein powders, B-Strong also contains
-Prebiotics that promote a happy belly
-Essential fatty acids such as essentials, non-essentials and BCAAs
-Antioxidants in beneficial mediterranean fruits
-16 g of alkalizing protein

There are no mysterious fillers or “potion” like concoctions hidden within. It’s clean, organic and all non-GMO. Plus 10% of every bag is donated to a national nonprofit that provides fresh produce to children in schools.

It’s basically buy one, give one. So every time YOU have a serving of Skoop, a child has a serving of fresh produce! It’s a great mission and we’re looking to really do some good here!


A growing body of medical research suggests doing small acts of good for others can add years to your life, increase dopamine levels, and even lower blood pressure. So we figured, why not bake a little “helper’s high” into every serving of Skoop?

That’s why we partnered with Salad Bars 2 Schools, a non-profit that provides real, fresh fruits and veggies to public school lunch programs all over the country – programs that currently need to classify french fries, tomato sauce, and ketchup as vegetables in order to meet FDA standards.

For every serving of Skoop sold, we donate one serving of free, fresh fruits and veggies to a school lunch program. You buy a serving, you give a serving. And everyone can feel good about that. Literally.

Screen Shot 2014 09 12 at 12.43.48 PM 300x178 Skoop   because great nutrition is an inalienable right Check it out!

I’ve seriously been loving Skoop!  I love that it’s clean!  It’s vegan & it’s tasty!  I’ve been making it with almond milk, spinach & chia seeds.

IMG 6955 225x300 Skoop   because great nutrition is an inalienable right Check it out!

Do you want to try Skoop????  Well, here’s a coupon code to get you started.  Simply enter RUNNING10 for 10% off your order!

Meatless Monday

meatlessmonday Meatless Monday

As promised, I want to share a couple of recipes with you that I’ve been enjoying of late!

9780738216874 p0 v2 s260x420 Meatless Monday

For starters, I bought this cookbook a couple of weeks & have been LOVING it!  I haven’t made 1 thing that hasn’t been exceptional!  She also has a blog, which I love:  Choosing Raw.

IMG 6184 e1395361323598 225x300 Meatless Monday

I have had this cookbook, and have been using it lately as well (getting ready for my 30 Clean which starts TODAY)!  She also has an excellent blog:  Oh She Glows.

Ok, so here’s an awesome dressing recipe which was a adapted from the Choosing Raw cookbook.

Green Herb Dressing:

1 C fresh parsley

1 C fresh dill

1/2 C fresh basil

1/4 C tahini

pinch of salt & pepper

5 T lemon juice

1/4 C olive oil


It makes a good amount, so I’ve been putting it on everything.  I used it on salad, quinoa, sweet potato, I LOVE it!

I also made Almond Milk for the 1st time Ever!  I was very hesitant, as it seemed like a lot of work & I didn’t see the need.  Well friends, it’s worth it!  It’s absolutely delicious & so worth the little time it takes to make.  All you need is almonds, water, dates & 1 vanilla bean & a nut milk bag.  Viola!  Delish!  Now, I’ve finally found the “clean” creamer for my coffee!

Have you ever made nut milk?

Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update

This week has is an exceptionally busy week at work. If you know me well, you know I’m NOT an evening person. I much prefer mornings & then enjoy going to sleep early. Well, I have work meetings/functions Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights this week & it’s throwing everything off for me! EEK.

 Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update

In the meantime, I’m trying to get into a better eating routine, but by not being home much in the evenings, it’s been a little difficult.

 Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update

Today, I did however make this amazing dressing that I love. As I sit with color on my hair, I’m not home nor do I have the cookbook with me, but I will share with you another day. It has basil, parsley & dill with lemon juice & tahini. It is truly fresh tasting & amazing!

  Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update         Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update

As for my running this week, well, the rain has also gotten in the way! I’m not a huge fan of rain running & it was pouring buckets yesterday! I decided to do some other excersises that I haven’t done in a long time & again realized how 1 dimensional my excercise routine is right now. Running is really all I’ve been doing. NOT good my friends! I really need to do more cross training (I don’t really count bike riding with Truman as exercise because I’m not challenged biking wiht him).

So, along with beginning The Clean 30 next week, I will also focus on switching up my exercise routing & getting in more(some) cross training .

Yesterday I also made delicious date/hemp protein/seed balls. I can’t wait to share so many great recipes with you.

I’m grateful that today is Thursday. Only 1 more meeting this week & then, we’ll be moving into the weekend! Phew.

  Crazy Compression Winner & Mid week update

Do you enjoy the rain? I don’t! I know many people love rain or hate it. I’m one of the latter. If it’s storming, I prefer to be home in my pj’s, but don’t always have that luxury!
Katie Rose, You are the winner of the Crazy Compression Socks!!!!!!!!!!  ENJOY!

Weekend in Review

I typically don’t do weekend recaps.  As a matter of fact, I used to post about Meatless Monday.  That was my intention, as I have a great recipe to share with you.  However, this was really an exceptional weekend, I wanted to share.  We spent lots of family time together with out of town guests & then Sunday was my day with Truman.  I’ve always wanted to bike to the Botanic Gardens &  I’ve been biking with Truman, so we decided to give it a try.  Let me tell you that Truman is only 9. He has a LOT of energy, but he’s only 9!

IMG 7079 225x300 Weekend in ReviewIMG 7081 225x300 Weekend in Review

I realize that he doesn’t look terribly happy in these pictures, but he was so darn excited that he was chatting almost the entire ride there.  We got detoured a little on the way there, as I wasn’t familiar with the path.  It was supposed to be 15 miles, but wound up 17 miles.  It was fine because we had loads of energy on our ride to the BG.  Truman had his Powerade  & I had a Honey Stinger & Cocogo to keep me going.

We finally arrived at the Botanic Gardens & were so happy, relieved, excited & proud.

IMG 7084 225x300 Weekend in Review

This is what happened when we got there, locked our bikes & put our feet up for a bit.

IMG 7086 225x300 Weekend in Review

I needed him to get his mojo for our ride home, so this happened.  This is so unlike me to allow him to have all of this junk at 1 time, but if there was going to be an exception, today would be the day.  He definitely caught a buzz from all the sugar, so he had energy to ride home.

IMG 7089 225x300 Weekend in Review

Bye Bye Botanic Gardens, until next time!

We decided not to take the scenic route via the path on the way home, but sidewalks along the street the entire way.  On the way home, we both had to use the restrooms at different times, of course.  Truman got thirsty & hungry b/c his “poison/garbage” food didn’t sustain him much.  When we were about 9 miles away from home, I made the SOS call to Benji, as I didn’t think Truman would make it, he was beat & complaining.  So, I told him he’d get a lift home.  He went to the restroom & came out & said he wanted to try it & we should call Benji back to cancel.  Well, we did & we were on our way home!

IMG 7099 225x300 Weekend in Review

We rode 30 miles today!  So darn exciting!  We’re even talking about doing it again!

We had a great time today.  Yes, exhausted when we got home, glad it was only 73 today & happy we left at 8am when it wasn’t hot.  Truman was a total champ.  Benji told me later he thought I was crazy to take him on such a long ride.  I didn’t realize it until we were in it that it was such an excursion.  But, it all worked & he can’t wait to tell his friends  tomorrow.  I didn’t even own a bike until 2 yrs ago when my kids wanted to ride together.  It really is a lot of fun & such a great thing to do with Truman.  Now, to get the rest of the family on board.

Next Monday will be a Meatless Monday post.

Friday 5

HI!  It’s been a long time since I did a Friday 5!  There are a lot of great things I wanted to share, so I’m bringing back Friday 5 for your enjoyment.  It’s a quick post with mostly pictures, but I’ll be sure to let you know about the pics at a later date :).


1.  IMG 7029 225x300 Friday 5

I took the plunge & got a “frother”.  Oh how I love it so much!  I now put almond milk in my coffee & for some reason when it’s “frothed”, it’s SO much better.  I’m trying to stay away from artificial creamers in my coffee & prepare for my 2nd 30 Clean.  I’ve been SO “off” my typical eating habits & am not feeling so well my friends.  More later…


2.  IMG 7075 225x300 Friday 5 IMG 7074 300x225 Friday 5 IMG 7073 300x225 Friday 5

I LOVE bags!  Isn’t this Torrain recycled (yet sturdy) duffle the cutest ever?  I’m LOVING it!


3.  IMG 7078 300x300 Friday 5

If you know me well, you know I love candles.  I love the scent, I love the ambiance, I simply love candles.  This is one area where Benji & I differ.  He hates that I have “fire” as he calls it, all over the house!  But, this simple & inexpensive one by Glade smells amazing.  It’s a woodsy smell.  Mmmmm.


4.  IMG 6990 225x300 Friday 5 IMG 6955 225x300 Friday 5

I’ve been on a smoothie kick in the a.m.’s again, using Skoop!!!  It’s brown rice & pea protein powder & folks, it’s tasty & pretty darn clean…


5.  IMG 7027 225x300 Friday 5 IMG 7026 225x300 Friday 5

Nothing to say here but YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you’re near a Trader Joes, you must go get some of this new pb.  I’ve been staying away from pb & only having almond butter, but had to try this & oh boy it’s TASTY!


Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Mid week happenings!

There have been a lot of things I’ve been contemplating lately.  As you know, one is whether I run the Chicago Marathon or skip it this fall.  I have decided to DO IT!  I don’t care about my time. I don’t care about walking/running.  I care about keeping my committment & completing this journey that I was so eager to start when I signed up so long ago.  This has NOT been a good running season, but, I’ve been raising money in memory of my parents & I want to keep my commitment for them & myself.

 Mid week happenings!

I do feel good about my decision.  This race will be about other things than getting a PR, that’s for sure & I’m alright with that!  It’s silly for me not to do my best & simply enjoy the journey.  So folks, I’m going to enjoy the journey….  It will certainly be a different one than I’ve ever experienced before during a marathon.

Something has also happened to me this past week.  I’ve been an eating machine.  I’m eating so many things that I don’t usually do & feel so crummy.  It’s amazing how great I felt while on The 30 Clean & now I feel so cruddy.  So, today, I signed up for the September challenge.  I got this email below:

Hi Challenger!

Welcome to The 30 Clean™! Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, re-establish your relationship with food and focus on a balanced life . . . all while having FUN with other like-minded challengers?!

We are so excited that you have committed to 30 days of clean eating starting September 15th, 2014!

5a99f0a3 2887 426d 89a0 e8aef4133146 Mid week happenings!

It will be a little complicated because the Jewish holidays will be in the midst of the challenge, but that’s even more reason for me to do it again.  I’m up for it.  I want to feel good again & feel that I do the best when I have a goal & I’m held accountable.  Any of you want to join me this time around?

After school, Truman & I went for a great hour long bike ride.  We rode to the beach & beyond.  It was simply perfect weather & we had a great time!


IMG 7066 300x225 Mid week happenings!

We had to take a break for a photo op!

Today was an 8 mile ride & Truman had a LOT left in him.  We decided to go for a very long ride on Sunday to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  It’s about 14 miles or so each way on the path, and he really wants to do it & so do I!  It’s something I’ve never done, but have always wanted to do, so we’re going to do it Sunday.  The weather is supposed to be amazing!  Can hardly wait!

I’m off for a run as soon as the sun rises.  It’s more difficult now that the darn sun doesn’t rise until later!  EEEK.

Have a great day.

Winners & a new giveaway for a new week!

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.  Ours was filled with festivities & lots of family time which is so cherished!

Truman picked the winners for the Loksak giveaway!  They are:

Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt &  Please email me with your mailing information & I’ll get your Loksak bags in the mail to you this week.  You’re going to LOVE them.

As for a new week, a new giveaway….

I was sent a pair of adorable compression socks from Crazy Compression .  They’re not only adorable, but they work!

They’re motto is:  “We’re crazy and crazy about keeping your feet and legs in great condition to go the distance while looking stylish in our true graduated compression socks and sleeves!”  Great for recovery & endurance.

I’m a lover of compression.  For about 2 years now, I’ve been wearing compression socks for my long runs, however this summer has been quite trying for me, so I’ve been wearing them even for many of my short runs.  I seriously don’t think that I’d be able to do any long runs without them.  So, I was thrilled to try a different brand of compression socks.  They aren’t nearly as tight as the other brands I’ve tried, so I was skeptical about the Crazy Compression socks.

IMG 7037 225x300 Winners & a new giveaway for a new week! IMG 7038 300x276 Winners & a new giveaway for a new week!

Aren’t they just cute?  A little smiley on the front & the adorable diamonds on the back!   I love them!

Hey, as a friend of the crazy clan, they offer everyone 25% off.  If you order, simply use the code: CRAZY25 for 25% off your order.  Don’t you love a discount?

They have a slew of varieties & one is cuter than the next.  Honestly, it’s a bonus that they’re cute because the priority is really that they work & they DO!

Besides the discount, they are giving 1 of my readers a free pair!

Simply enter the rafflecopter below for yoru chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners announced

As promised, the winners are listed below!

 Winners announced

The Salba Smart Chia Seed winner is:  Dandi Daffyhill.  Dandi, please email me with your mailing information.


Laura Fine is the winner for the Endorphin Warrior bracelet.  Laura, I think you should choose believe!


The Dukan Diet Made Easy Book, Dukan Chia Seeds, Dukan oat bran cookies winner is:   Renee Cline.  Please contact me with your mailing information.

Enjoy your goodies!  I”ll be sure to update you with more “goodies” in the coming weeks.

Have a great day.  I’ve been preparing for a meeting which has taken much of my time lately & getting the boys back on a routine as well, so I’m still getting into the swing of managing everything.

I do want to tell you that I had lost my UP for about a week & found it in my dry cleaning pile.  Must have slipped off.  So happy to have found my beloved UP!

See you soon!



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