The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Runners

As an active runner who also really pays attention to what I put in my body, I spent years looking for the perfect natural anti-inflammatory to help recover after long runs.

Like anyone seeking to improve my understanding of the topic, I went to Youtube and started my research.

This video helped me to understand what CBD is:

CBD for runners

With that brief understanding, I really wanted to dig into how the endocannabinoid system functions and how CBD can positively impact this important bodily system.

Well it turns out that this system (we will call it the ECS system) is literally in charge of just about everything that we do as humans.

The ECS in humans and other animals contains a network of endocannabinoids, the ecs receptors and natural enzymes that control a large part of the chemical interactions inside the body.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the following bodily functions:

Sleep and sleepiness.
Mood and irritability.
Memory and cognitive function.
Appetite and the desire to eat.
Reproduction and sexual attraction.
Pain reduction.

For me, being an active runner, I wanted to focus on both pain reduction (using CBD to reduce soreness from running).

And CBD has been shown many times that is a huge reason why CBD is so popular with athletes, so I decided to do my own research into how CBD affects sleep, and I found this great video that shows how CBD can be used to improve sleep:

Even after all my research, it is clear that science still has a lot to learn about the entire endocannabinoid system and it’s impact on human health and happiness.

But this is a start, and I hope you learned something along with myself!

Penis Enlargement Bible Review – My Experience As A Woman

Hey there! Welcome to my review of the Penis Enlargement Bible. Yes, I am a woman – but that doesn’t mean I can’t write an unbiased review of this product. You see my boyfriend tried it and it actually works.

I know, it sounds unbelievable. Like Joe Rogan say’s – If Big Dick Pills were real, they would be pretty freaking popular. Well – the pills are not real… but the PE Bible is a real way to grow your penis naturally.

This is just my review – you can get your own copy of the PE Bible here: Secure Download.

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So What Is The PE Bible?

The PE Bible is a 94 page eBook written by John Collins that will show men a simple, yet effective and totally safe method for increasing the size of the erect penis.

It uses a scientific method of cell growth from stretching, combined with some small changes to the diet that encourage blood flow.

All of this results in the penis being able to store more blood and be larger when erect.

Watch this video for more information on the PE Bible:

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How Does The PE Bible Work?

The Penis Enlargement Bible works by slowly stretching the chambers inside the penis, allowing them to expand and hold more blood than they did before the stretching exercises.

These exercises combined with some herbs and nutrients that are easy to find and digest, that result in an increase in overall blood flow and there ya go… a larger, more full, more firm and more erect penis during an erection.

Who Is The Penis Enlargement Bible For?

The PE Bible is for any guy looking to increase the size and firmness of his erection. Typical results show guys can easily gain 1-4″ depending on how long and how dedicated they are to the training.

With that said, I would recommend that if you are a man who is already above average, you might want to consider not using this product. Remember the results are permanent, and not all women want to be with a guy who has a massive member… although some do… so that is up to you. 🙂

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Is There Any Risk?

Like I said, the only real risk is that you will do to much of the program and end up with a much larger than comfortable penis. Not all women have a problem with men that are very large, but some do. I personally like men who are a bit over average, but not that big.

In terms of other risks, considering that the product has a 60 day money back guarantee, there literally is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Where To Get The PE Bible At The Best Possible Price

Despite what you may read from other sites, there really isn’t a PE Bible discount, but you can get it from the official site with no risk by ordering from the link below.

Remember, there are a lot of shady sites out there, so be sure to order from a reputable site like ours.

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The Simple Keto System Review – A Custom Keto Diet For Anyone

What Is The Simple Keto System Diet Plan?

The Keto Diet Plan is a reduced carbohydrate, higher fat, moderate protein diet plan. When people consume according to this plan, your metabolism switches to burning saved fat for fuel.

The keto diet has been revealed to minimize and support blood glucose, bring back insulin levels and cause weight reduction. The keto diet works for many people who have actually limited success dropping weight in the past.

This is about The Simple Keto System: Order Here

How The Simple Keto System Works

The premise of the simple keto systems, custom ketogenic diet plan for weight loss is that if you deprive the body of glucose– the main source of energy for all cells in the body, which is acquired by consuming carbohydrate foods– an alternative fuel called ketones is produced from saved fat (thus, the term ketogenic). If this goes on for multiple days and saved glucose is totally depleted, blood levels of a hormonal agent called insulin reduction, and the body begins to use fat as its main fuel. The body produces ketons from excess fat, which can be used in the lack of glucose.

When ketone bodies collect in the blood, this is called ketosis. Proponents of the ketogenic diet plan state that if the diet is carefully followed, blood levels of ketones should not reach a damaging level (understood as “ketoacidosis”) as the brain will use ketones for fuel, and healthy individuals will usually produce enough insulin to avoid too many ketones from forming. How soon ketosis happens and the number of ketone hormones that accumulate in the blood is variable from person to person and depends on factors such as body fat portion and resting metabolic rate.

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Medical Benefits Of The Simple Keto System

Keto works by reprogramming your genes into a state of metabolic efficiency. Because of your level of daily activity nevertheless, we would suggest being somewhat versatile with carbohydrate consumption.

You may discover EXTREMELY rapidly some favorable transformations start to take place, as your body ends up being leaner, sexier and more youthful in appearance.

Those frustrating food yearnings will begin to disappear as keto reduces ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Your mental focus and alertness may start to enhance, as your body changes from utilizing glucose to using ketones as its main energy source.

What Are Some Examples Of The Keto Diet And The Simple Keto System?

konscious keto

While there really isn’t one single Ketogenic Diet with a specific ratio of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat) that need to be consumed to remain in a ketogenic state. The ketogenic diet generally reduces total carb consumption to a low amount. Usually, popular ketogenic resources recommend approximately 75% fat from overall everyday calories, very few carb, and 10-20% protein. The protein amount on the ketogenic diet plan is lowered in contrast with other low-carb high-protein diet plans, due to the fact that eating excessive protein can avoid the state of ketosis. Some of the acids in proteins can be converted to sugars, hence the ketogenic diet plan defines adequate protein to preserve strong body mass including muscle, however that may still cause ketosis.

There are an endless amount of versions of the ketogenic diet, but all of them remove foods that are high in carbs. As you can tell, the one I recommend is The Simple Keto System from Konsicous Keto. With that said, a few of these foods they remove might be apparent such as starches from both refined and whole grains like pasta and other starchy vegetables. Some that may not be so apparent are beans, vegetables, and many fruits. Many ketogenic plans permit foods high in hydrogenated fat, such as lard, as well as sources of other fats. What is interesting about the keto diet is, the keto foods may vary and even conflict. That is why I recommend the best one, The Simple Keto System.

When you decide to go Keto, you can start checking out all the scrumptious snacks, dinners, and desserts that are coming from your method.

Typical Negative Effects Of The Simple Keto System Diet:

While in ketosis with any keto diet, including the simple keto system, users of the Keto Diet will experience a lowered cravings, fast weight reduction consisting of a reduction in tummy fat, increased energy and enhanced focus.

Some Simple Keto System Diet Tips

Focus on decreasing your net carbs (total carbohydrates minus fiber and sugar alcohols) to under 20 grams a day. Make sure to drink Great deals of Water: the keto diet will flush out your system, and you must replace this water loss with extra hydration to gain the rewards. It is excellent to test for Ketones in your system. I recommend using these low-cost ketone testing strips in the first few weeks, just to see if your body is producing ketones.

The best part about konscious keto and the Simple Keto System is that it works, with or without fasting, and I desire you to eat all of your yummy meals guilt-free to really appreciate your keto experience. Merely focus on reducing your carbs and offer your very first dish a shot. We know you’ll end up being a keto follower once you taste how unbelievable and delicious your customized dishes are, they’re practically too great to be real!

Looking To Find Love – His Secret Obsession Unlocks His Desire

If you are looking to finally meet a decent guy and have him fall deeply in love with you, then you are going to want to watch this video about His Secret Obsession. Basically there is a 12 word phrase – that when used correctly will generate a deep seated desire in men.

His Secret Obsession Book

What makes this program so great is it works for just about any woman, on just about any type of guy.

So be careful or you will have a whole group of men interested in dating you.

Not that would really be that awful! 🙂

Just remember, to really make this system work – you will need to put in a little bit of effort, but once you do it will be totally worth it.

So if are like me and tired of not being able to get a high quality man to become your boyfriend or even husband, then take a moment and do your own research in this product.

It is like a secret code, and it works to trigger an emotional attraction in men. If you want to unlock a man’s secret obsession, then watch this video:

Unlike other tricks and tactics, this system will use a man’s natural hero instinct to rapidly fall in love with you. Give it a try…

Men With Low Testosterone, Check Out Spartagen XT

For my male running and exercise friends that feel like they are losing some of their stamina and energy, it is possible that they may be experiencing the effects of low Testosterone.

What most men don’t realize is that this naturally occurs with age, but sometimes it happens more than it should.

If this is the case, there are natural ways to help assist the body to produce normal, natural Testosterone.

No this is not a dangerous steroid or human growth hormone, those are only to be considered as a last resort and under the supervision of a licensed physician.

What I am talking about is taking herbs, vitamins and minerals to help give the body the nutrients required to restore healthy T levels.

Some of these herbs actually help prevent the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen. Yup, guys have Estrogen, just like women naturally have Testosterone.

I like to think of Estrogen is what makes women feel like a woman, and conversely, Testosterone is what makes a man feel like a man.

It is what gives a guy energy, stamina and even a healthy libido. Obviously, too much Testosterone is a problem but most people don’t realize that having lower Testosterone levels can also be a serious problem.

The one natural Testosterone boosting supplement that a few of my male friends are enjoying is Edge Bioactives Spartagen XT.

It is a dietary supplement that helps to boost libido, increase testosterone and promote healthy stamina.

It contains Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc.

It also has Tongkat Ali Extract, Tribulus Extract, Asian Ginseng Extract, Maca Root, and Chrysin.

The combination of these vitamins, minerals and herbs all help to stimulate the body to begin increasing the production of natural testosterone.

And since it is made from natural ingredients they can continue taking it as long as they keep getting results.

My running friends say that they started noticing the effects after a bout 3 or 4 weeks which is also what the manufacturer claims. While running they feel great, and have more energy and tell me they feel as good as they did 10 years earlier.

Six Ways To Increase Your Attention Span

Many people lack the ability to concentrate on a task without becoming distracted. A wandering mind may become problematic when it happens at the wrong time, or important information is missed. The inability to concentrate can also affect your ability to achieve goals. However, with a little effort, you can improve your attention and focus. Here are six ways you can increase your attention span.


Exercise is an effective way to improve your physical health, but it can also have positive effects on attention span. Exercising helps to release chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, that increase mental acuity. Studies show that the effects of physical activity on the brain provide long and short-term boosts to your cognitive abilities. Even something as simple as a 20-minute jog can affect the regions of the brain responsible for attention.

Limit Distractions

Dealing with too many distractions is known to have an affect on the ability to concentrate. The need to check e-mail frequently, interruptions by co-workers and phone calls cause unnecessary breaks in focus. What may seem like a temporary disruption can shift your focus in a manner that prolongs the conclusion of tasks and hinders the quality of work. When possible, turn off your phone, televisions and try to complete tasks in a quiet space. Making these simple changes will keep you from dividing your interests and allow you to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Stay Hydrated

The importance of hydration cannot be underestimated. Dehydration affects your overall health and impacts your ability to remain attentive. Try to drink the recommended amount of water each day. Black tea is another beverage that boosts attentiveness. Black tea contains theanine, an amino acid that is believed to increase calmness and focus. While the caffeine and theanine in black tea enhance brain activity, it is important to moderate your caffeine intake. Relying too much on caffeine can cause the brain to develop a dependency and require it to stay alert.


Meditation to the brain is like strength training to your muscles. Like any other muscle, the brain can have a limited amount of strength, or its strength can weaken over time. Taking time each morning to engage in mindfulness meditation will significantly enhance the brain’s other cognitive functions as well as alertness. Mindfulness meditation is something that you can easily accomplish. It involves sitting in a chair and focusing on your abdomen while breathing in and out. To be effective, you do not have to meditate for hours. A 10 to 20-minute meditation session will provide benefits that will last throughout the day.

Limit Your Multitasking

Multitasking contradicts the idea of focusing. Most people multitask and see the ability to do so as a beneficial trait. Unfortunately, most people do not multitask well. The effect of multitasking also causes the overstimulation of the brain. By working on one project at a time, you are able to concentrate fully on a project until it is completed. If you need to multitask, avoid combining two activities that rely on your cognitive abilities. You should pair tasks that involve a physical and cognitive task.

Get More Sleep

The average amount of sleep a person receives should not be less than seven hours a night. Getting less than seven hours this amount of sleep can have a detrimental affect on your ability to concentrate. By not getting enough sleep, you reduce the time your brain is in the delta phase of sleep. The delta phase is the period before the brain enters REM sleep. During this phase, the brain shuts down and the cognitive abilities strengthen. Prolonged sleep deprivation can make your concentration problems a normal part of your routine. Again, the inability to focus can affect the quality of your daily activities. To improve the amount of time and quality of your sleep, try to relax before going to bed and establish a regular bedtime. Do not oversleep. Getting too much sleep can have a similar effect on your mind and body.

The importance of concentration cannot be overestimated. Problems with concentration can have a significant impact on your everyday activities. Following these tips will help you optimize your attention span and ability to focus. With very little effort, you will experience notable improvements in your memory, ability to handle mental tasks and overall performance.

Alpha Waves | Improve Your Memory | Super Intelligence

You may also want to read this article on keeping your brain healthy.

A Younger Brain, A Happier You

We’ve all had days when we find ourselves sitting at a traffic light and suddenly we realize we don’t know where we’re going. Or, you’re driving to get somewhere and suddenly you realize that you missed your turn because you blanked out on where you were going. Although these are situations that we’ve all experienced at least once, and for some numerous times, it can be completely normal. On the other hand, it may be a sign to which you should pay attention. There are many things that you can do for yourself to insure young vibrant brain function.

Diet, of course, seems to be a very important factor in keeping a young brain. The old saying “You are what you eat” has been haunting us since we were children, yet it is somewhat true. Most diets today seem to have an abundance of sugars. Fast paced lives have led to poor diets and poor health. It is important to monitor the amount of sugar that you intake on a daily basis. It has been noted in research that a high sugar diet can lead to type 2 diabetes as well as developing Alzheimer’s disease. Even more disturbing is a recent research that states that there is evidence that sugar and other carbohydrates can actually disrupt brain function in the absence of diabetes or dementia. The good news is that there is hope. That hope is found in the Keto Diet.  A low carb, medium protein, high vegetable keto diet is amazing for helping the brain function.  In fact, vegetables, which may play an important role in preventing, and in some cases reversing cognitive decline are on of the main ingredients in the simple keto system diet from konscious keto. Because of the antioxidants found in vegetables, they can actually improve your brain function. So, remember what your mom always told you and eat your vegetables.

In addition to eating better, take care of yourself and get some sleep. So many American’s today are sleep deprived due to hectic schedules, financial stress, or stress from work. It is important to take care of you mental health. Understand your body and make a goal for yourself to get uninterrupted sleep. There are many ways that you can promote good sleep without drugs. First, and foremost, listen to your body. When you start to feel tired take the time to rest. If it is night time, take a relaxing hot bath and then treat yourself to some early zzzz’s. Find meditative ways to sooth your mind and soul so that you can leave behind the day and enter in to relaxing sleep. Another way to insure rest is to turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime. It seems that electronics tend to drain your energy late in the evening, not to mention that if you go to bed with that last email on your mind you are likely not to sleep well.

Physical exercise has long been noted as a factor that allows our bodies to relax, but research also shows that our mind is also helped when we use our muscles. Exercise promotes nerve cell development, which increases the brain cell connections. In animals regular exercise has been found to increase the oxygen rich blood vessels numbers in the brain, which are responsible for thought. Also, in these studies the more efficient brain shows better performance in aging animals. Exercise also links back to the first factor, diet. Exercise combined with a good diet promotes lower blood pressure, less stress, less risk of diabetes, and overall healthier brain and heart.

Mental Stimulation plays a big role in keeping a young mind. It’s time to create a mental “gym”. Studies show, in mice and humans, that mental stimulation and brain activity encourage connections between brain cells and may even promote the growth of new cells. So, get out your puzzle books, crafts, art supplies and get started stimulating your brain. All of these activities encourage thought and creativeness. Think of things that you enjoy or enjoyed when you were younger and less stressed. Pull them all out and decide on activities that will generate thought, problem solving and creativity.

There are many aspects to promoting a young brain. Mix it up and try new things and learn to relax and enjoy your life with a younger brain.

Read more about Tips for a Happy, Healthy Brain.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I was headed out the door to go to the gym this a.m. in the pouring rain. Not complaining too much because I’m so happy spring is here. However, I wasn’t even paying attention & stepped into a huge puddle. My foot was soaking wet! I went inside to change my shoes, socks & orthotics & lost my mojo to go to the gym. EEEKKK! So, now, here I am with a note for you about Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

If you recall a while ago I posted about Premier Protein shakes. They sent me some information about keeping it “low cal” todaywith a great drink recipe.

With Cinco de Mayo parties coming up, it is easy to get side tracked from your diet with all the greasy food and cocktails. Premier Protein has created a delicious and healthy new Cinco de Mayo inspired shake recipe that will keep your diet on track, while giving you the good energy you need to stay fueled throughout the day.

While cocktails are high in calories and sugar, Premier Protein’s shakes are packed with 30g of protein for only 160 calories and 1g of sugar. Check out Premier Protein’s Cinco de Mayo Protein Shake for a quick and refreshing way to keep you energized all day long.

Premier Protein’s Cinco de Mayo Protein Shake

• 1 Premier Protein 11oz. Vanilla Shake

• 1 cup of guava juice

• 1 cup of frozen mangos, cubed

• 1 frozen banana

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Running Makes Me So Happy

Well, as you know, I’m in Arizona. Having a lovely visit with my aunt & I need to share that I had the BEST run ever! I absolutely love running here. Seriously, there are mountains, there is NO humidity & it’s absolutely spectacular! I haven’t been running long, as it takes me a while to build back up from my 3-4-5 mile runs on the treadmilll & I like to take it nice & easy transitioning to outside so I don’t conjure up an injury. Well, I’m feelin’ it again & can’t wait to continue to get my long runs going soon! This has been a great jump start for me!

I just have to share!

Screen Shot 2015 04 25 at 10.05.36 AM 300×254 Running makes me SO happy! Screen Shot 2015 04 25 at 10.05.08 AM 300×215 Running makes me SO happy!

I assure you, I will not share all of my summer runs with you, but this is a great start! OOH, on with my day.

I also wanted to share some amazing pics I took on my run.

IMG 8125 300×300 Running makes me SO happy! IMG 8129 300×300 Running makes me SO happy! IMG 8128 300×300 Running makes me SO happy! IMG 81261 300×300 Running makes me SO happy! IMG 8124 300×300 Running makes me SO happy!

Those are just a couple. Who wouldn’t want to run here?

Yesterday, we went kayaking in the Salt River. Have you ever heard of it pouring here? OY, it was such an adventure. We were on a 4 hour guided kayak ride & for about 3 of the hours, it was pouring & freezing. It would have been really spectacular if we weren’t cold, the rain may even have felt good to all of us. One of the women hit rock & capsized, so she was really cold. It was a definite adventure. We all were so happy to get back into our tour van with the heat blasting! I can just say it was an adventure! I’d definitely like to experience that again in the HOT Arizona temps.

Well, gotta go.

What make you happy like running makes me?